Fast Times at Hochschule Bremen

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update on my adventures in Bremen. The winter semester is finally over, just in time for a whole new bundle of opportunities. All of my tests went really well (1.1, 1.4, and a 1.6), and I am still waiting for grades on the three reports. Our interdisciplinary design project, a secondary localization and measurement payload for a student built sounding rocket, is assembled and tested and will fly out of ESRANGE in Sweden in early April. For Design and Modelling of Space Propulsion Systems, we finished the preliminary design and a simulation of a 2.5 kN octane/hydrogen peroxide rocket engine. I had a great time reading through old NASA documents to learn how to design injectors and thermal protection systems. For Satellite Communications, we designed a link budget for a theoretical satellite in low earth orbit. Big ground station antennas are the way to go. The teams worked really hard on these reports and I am really happy with how they turned out.

For the summer semester I have two jobs. I will be working in a lab in the Institute for Aerospace Technologies to integrate a force balance for wind tunnel measurements. I have to learn LabView to write the data acquisition and control software, so this should be really interesting. I will also be serving as the managing director of the RadioBro European Headquarters located here in Bremen. I will provide sales and operations support for our European customers. This is a really exciting opportunity and I will definitely share our successes. On Wednesday, we get new students for our host family. There has been no shortage of excitement heading into the summer semester here!


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