Sorry for the lack of posts! On Saturday September 19th I spent the day in Dresden, on the 20th I visited the Reichstagskuppel, and after that it has been a crazy time of studying for my test, packing for the move to Bremen, and saying goodbye to all my friends in Berlin. But Dresden! Dresden is a beautiful city on the Elbe river in East Germany. It is known as “Florence on the Elbe” due to its Renaissance style architecture. Dresden was the capital of Saxony for hundreds of years, so it is a very ornate city as well. We arrived by bus around noon, and started the day with lunch at Dresden’s Oktoberfest. I finally had some currywurst! We then proceeded on a two hour guided tour of Dresden in German. I understood most of it, which was pretty awesome for me. We started at the Theater Square, where the Dresden Opera is located. We then moved on the Zwinger, which used to be the space between the city walls. As the city expanded, it was turned into an Orangerei. during the summer orange trees were planted in large pots outside. In the winter the plants were brought into greenhouses so the kings of Saxony could enjoy oranges. Now it is a park, and the buildings are art galleries and museums. Our next stop was the Nymph Bath, which is an ornamental fountain. We also saw the Crown gate, so named because the decoration on top looks like a crown. The Frauenkirche was also a highlight of Dresden. Destroyed during the firebombing of Dresden in the second world war, it was rebuilt in the 90’s using some of the original stones that were salvaged from the rubble. One of my favorite sites was the porcelain mosaic. This is a mosaic depicting all the kings of Saxony, and is the largest porcelain art piece in the world. our tour of the city ended with coffee and cake at a cafe near the church, and some time spent strolling up and down the terrace along the river. I hope to make it back to Dresden, because there are a lot of museums we didn’t have time to go to that I found very intriguing.

Porcelain Mosaic

View of the Elbe from the old city.
View of the Elbe from the old city.

Frauenkirche Crown Gate

The Zwicker surrounded by the former Orangerei.
The Zwicker surrounded by the former Orangerei.

Nymph Bath Opera House


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