Catch Up!

Yes, readers, I haven’t posted in 3 months. School got really busy, and then my family came over for a visit. I’ll give you a summary of what I’ve done, and then answer any questions in the comments. At the end of October I had the chance to attend a Werder Bremen game. Werder Bremen […]

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Freimarkt in Bremen!

For such a small city, there is always quite a bit going on here in Bremen. I went with some friends to Hamburg to celebrate my 21st birthday, and the past two weeks the Freimarkt has been in Bremen. The Freimarkt is a celebration of the city’s Hanseatic history. This year was the 980th Freimarkt […]

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Sorry for the lack of posts! On Saturday September 19th I spent the day in Dresden, on the 20th I visited the Reichstagskuppel, and after that it has been a crazy time of studying for my test, packing for the move to Bremen, and saying goodbye to all my friends in Berlin. But Dresden! Dresden […]

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On Sunday September 6th a group of berliner ID students took a trip to Potsdam. Potsdam is the capital of the German state Brandenburg, and is a 40 minute train ride southwest of Berlin. The city is home to many rich people and many old palaces, as Potsdam was the primary residence of the Hohenzollern […]

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